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How to Make the Best Use of Free Business Card Printing Deals?

Did you find the 500 free business cards deal on It is surely a lucrative deal to choose if you are planning to print business cards. Business cards are marketing tools that are required in bulk to be distributed among potential customers and clients. That is the reason it is always a good idea to order for business card printing in bulk. Generally, you need to pay for each card printed. This leads to certain pricing. You can save on printing of business cards by choosing the promotional deal by Now, you can get a complete set of 500 unique business cards at absolutely free of cost!
Make the best use of the deal
If you are availing the deal, you must make the best use of it. You must choose the best quality papers for such marketing tools. You are also required to choose a unique design template for the business cards. At, you can also choose whether you need printing on one or both the sides of the cards. In addition to that, you can also choose UV protection on the cards. In addition to the general designs for the cards, you need to choose images to be there on the cards. This will ensure that you are creating unique and original cards for your business. While availing the deal, you can also choose the estimated turnaround time.
Make sure you choose all the options carefully while availing free business cards deal.

How to Mail Your Flyers and Brochures Using EDDM USPS?

By now, you have already heard of your every door direct program from USPS. The new direct mail solution will provide you with the small business owners with the tools required to deliver quality advertisements at every home at discounted rates.

Using EDDM for Your Business
When the small business benefits from delivering offers, then EDDM is the perfect program for products and services. The business which requires highly-targeted demographics, like income levels, credit ratings, home values etc. will want to look at the other options. The following is a list of the business industries and types which is the perfect match for every door direct mail.

  • Contractors
  • Pizza Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Practices
  • Retail Stores
  • Health & Beauty Services
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Home Improvement
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Lawn care & Landscaping

How Does an EDDM Work?
The new direct mail program will enable you to cast a wider net while targeting new customers through the saturation mail. There is no need of mailing lists. With the help of EDDM, you have to distribute a saturation mailing without giving names and addresses to every mail piece. In the other words, you select the postal routes where you have to mail your offers and then your mailers will be delivered.

Determine Your Mailing Areas
Your target areas can be selected by the city, neighborhood or a specified radius around the business. There are several online targeting tools available on the web which you can use to choose your delivery areas. You can research Google for several options.

Go for Good Printing Company to Save Your Time
Although every door direct mail makes mailing of the offers which is very easy and affordable. There is no question of having your design and printing the company take care of the mailing process which is easier. In addition to that, good printing company can design, print and mail your offers as if you did everything by yourself. Thus, you are saved from hassles

EDDM Requirements
Every door direct mail is available for standard size mail pieces and irregular parcels. The postage that’s required can be the published rate for standard mails. Minimum number of pieces is the number of deliveries on the carrier route. Mailing never excludes people who don't wish to receive the mailings. The mail pieces should be prepared with the present USPS mail standards.

You should follow some of the primary steps and processes. You have to save significant amount of money on the direct mail advertising campaign. This is very easy to do and you can visit your local USPS location for assistance. Also, you can leave this to the professionals by using a design, print and direct mail provider.

You need to search for potential customers in your local area with every door direct mail. You should learn more about the EDDM program. With little efforts, you can improve your business and can increase your sales.

Restaurant Marketing with the Help of Every Door Direct Mail

  • Every door direct mail USPS will allow restaurants to send a direct mail flat to every address on the mail route for a discounted price of 15 cents each. There are many things which the restaurant owner needs to do for successful door direct mailing. First, you need to provide good offers to your customers. Several restaurant owners make good offers in order to make their business attractive. Thus, it will generate a good response from the households.
  • Quality of card stokes will make a major difference to the major success rate. Some can send a cheap flyer when the full color high-quality stock 6 x 9 postcard is the best choice for most of the restaurants. You can get 2000 full-color postcards. The cost of the postage and to mail these including shipping to your restaurant can cost you about $600-$700. You can also make it affordable by using one side of the postcard.


  • You need to target your areas near the restaurant. Besides this, you need to expose your business to the people who don’t know anything about your business. In this way, you can reach the customers. EDDM can truly help you to raise you traffic.
  • Another excellent option of your postcard will be a few great offers, which sign up coupon to bring in online including a contest. If this is done properly, you can achieve a huge traffic increase to your restaurant for both short term and long term. The higher income homes and households can bring a higher response rate.


  • You should send the mail to a large audience for getting worthwhile results. EDDM will allow the mailing as 200 pieces; the owner of the restaurant will do the mailing of at least 2,000 pieces. You will also come across companies which will do everything required for every door direct mail. This will help you to create a good offer which pays the postage and take care of the paperwork which bundles the graphic design, postcards and mailing these cards for you.
  • EDDM companies do these mailings which will allow several businesses to share the cost making it reasonable for small businesses. Every door direct mail program will quickly get over the customers to your restaurant.


Key Benefits of EDDM
You do not need any postage permit for your EDDM. While mailing a postcard through the post office, it can cost $400 in order to open your account. This annual fee will allow to mail EDDM retail.

You don’t need any mailing list for every door direct mail. The post office promotes your address. So, you don’t need any mailing list. You should mention the words ‘Postal Customer’ and the post office can deliver your piece to the mailing address.

You will get much better responses if you mail large sized cards. A mailing flat is 6” x11" or larger size which means you have enough room to convey your message to your customers. This is nearly 3 times the size of a 4"x 6" postcard and the cost of the card is only 9 cents.


How to Make Your Invites More Interesting?????????

The first peek of your guests into the look and the feel of any party are through the invitation cards. You can celebrate anything with great satisfaction and pleasure. Anniversary invites, birthday invites, birthday invitations of your kids, baby shower invitation or business achievements, invitation cards are required on every occasion. Every occasion can have interesting looking invites, thank you cards and gift tags.

There’s no one who is immune to the charm of a heartfelt greeting card. The warmth that a customized greeting card gets you can seldom be replaced by a message, e-cards or by the use of new age technology.

There are many online portals which offer party invites. You can easily log on and set the tone of your event. Personalize your own designs or you can also choose from pre-designed templates and add your latest images and messages. Preview the final design before placing the order. Your order will be delivered at your door step in 3 to 5 working days. Here are some of the inputs for selecting suitable party invites.

Different people have various tastes. Some of them like stylish and chic invitation cards while others like it traditional and simple. There are some interesting topics covered by various options within the styles of the cards. For instance, a party invitation card template for your house warming will be far different from your office cocktail invitation. So, you have to choose the right template which is suitable for your occasion.

Fully Customizable
You can customize the look of the template without any restriction. Templates which are available with licenses restrict changes, thereby making fully customized effect. You have to express yourself specifically to your recipient.

Color and Font Personalization
There is a feature which will allow you to write your customized message in various sizes, fonts and colors and can interchange the same message in order to add a much greater effect.

Add Pictures
Pictures say a thousand words and it’s very important that your template will allow the photos to be uploaded.

Attractive Envelopes
You need to pick colored envelopes with your final template card creation which adds to the look and feel of your invite. So, for getting personalized party invitation designs, printing needs to be of high-quality. Printing of customized invitation cards is not at all easy. The art of turning simple cards into exceptional ones and getting these delivered to home is delightful. You need to add an extra glamor to your party by creating stylish invitation cards.

Thus, the invitation cards are sent to people in order to invite them to the event you are hosting. When they receive this invitation you have sent, your guests will have two different choices. They will surely accept your invitation if they like your card and will definitely attend your event.

Invitation Designs??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
If a guest feels that the card has not been designed nicely for the event, then they never be inclined to your event. If your invitation card is boring, then you your designs and printing is very poor. In certain cases, use of low grade materials and improper printing of invitation cards leads to ineffective event.?? These invitations will never make your guests interested in attending your event.

On the other hand, an interesting design will make a person curious about your event. In some of the cases, the person can become impressed with your invitations. Though the recipient has other plans for the day; he will be willing to make certain adjustments for attending the event.

Designing Invitation Cards
An eye-catching invitation can easily make your guests curious for attending your business event. However, in order to make your event successful, you must ensure that your invitations are very attractive. But, this is where most of the people face difficulties problems. You need to be careful from the beginning. You will have to pay attention to your invitation from the conceptualization phase, through the trendy and unique designs and finally during execution. In this way you can create stunning invitation cards.

The Event
You must know before what type of event you want to host as you need to design your invitation cards accordingly. You must remember that every event requires creation of various types of invitations. A wedding invitation needs to be framed and styled in different manner than the invitation of a corporate event. This means that your invitations need to have different designs in regard to your event. A wedding invitation needs to be ornate while the invitation of a friendly party is quite informal. You must know this difference. This will help you to design your invitations perfectly so your guests appreciate it.

Graphics of your invitations are also essential. You must decide whether you need graphics on your invitations. A formal invitation is sent to the companies for corporate parties and dinners which are devoid of graphics. But, the invitations meant for informal and casual events have plenty of graphics. The formal invitations never have one graphic item. This is mainly the logo of the company in case of corporate affairs. In the other case, a monogram can be used. This will make your invitations look beautiful and elegant.

If you do want to use graphics on your invitations, you should stay within some restrictions. The graphics should of course be related to the event you are going to host. For example, an invitation for a birthday party can have images of cake and candles while a pool party invitation can feature pictures of water splashes and other pool paraphernalia like swimsuits.

Content is the most important part of your invitations as it can offer necessary information to your guests. There are several aspects of your invitation. The font of the text needs to be chosen perfectly. The font needs to match with the theme of your event. Moreover, you need to ensure that the font matches with the design of invitation cards. Also, you need to select the correct size of the font. Don’t forget to include the time and date of the event along with the venue. You can also put a map which will help your guests to locate your event easily.


How to Make Your Flyers More Effective?

Flyers are the most common printed form of advertisement. Flyers can be widely used which you will find anywhere. At the same time, most of the businesses use this particular type of printed advertisement for promoting their products and services. Cheap flyer marketing is very popular because of the fact that they can bring in new customers and can increase sales. For the same reason, you will have to pay attention to the way you are using the flyers.

People receive flyers almost every day. Plenty of flyers received by them can stop them paying attention to this printed piece of paper. This can make things more important for you in order to ensure customers view.

Why Is The Design Important For Flyers?
The fact that most of the companies consider advertising flyers is because it’s an easy process. It’s true that it will never take a lot of effort in order to get your flyers printed. There are several companies which have underestimated the potential which flyers can have when these are used as advertisements.

Flyers can easily promote your business products and services. Moreover, it can persuade your customers to take action and make certain purchase. Flyers will inform the customers about the advantages and the other aspects of your products. This can make things incredibly important in order to ensure that the design of the flyers is correct for the purpose you are using these. A proper design can ensure that the message of your flyers can reach your targeted niche of the consumer base.

The colors
These flyers are colorful pieces of paper. You can use bold colors which can attract the attention of your readers. You should not go overboard in the usage of colors for flyers. You must have a clear cut idea about the best way for using colors. The combination of colors and their tones should suitable for your message. They will enhance the overall effect by the flyer designs. Colors which are used for appropriate manner will help to increase the chances of message read by the people.

The Quality
The flyers which you are going to distribute should be of good quality. Good quality flyers can reflect your business which can be helpful to bring in customers. It will help to portray your products in the most positive fashion. A better quality flyer has a good chance of being noticed by the customer. These will be read mostly. This is the reason you should spend extra bit of money in order to ensure the overall quality of your flyers is high. A flyer design expert will be of immense help in this regard. These professionals can make your flyers excellent in terms of quality.

The Pictures
Images are the best items that you have at your disposal to make your flyers incredibly attractive and appealing. Pictures have the ability to immediately garner the attention of your customers. They can be useful in exciting the customers. A visual representation of your products can be useful of your flyers as they showcase your products in a way that text cannot. People will know exactly what to expect when they see the picture that you have used in your flyers. It does not matter whether you are using flyers to simply advertise your products or for promoting a special sale. Pictures can provide a proof to your customers and can convince as well as attract them into responding to the flyers by making purchases.

The Intention
Flyers can be printed for a variety of purposes. The results that your flyers bring in can be different depending on the original aim of the flyers. That is why you should always know the reason why you are printing the flyers. The intention of making the flyers needs to be reflected through the design in order to make the flyers effective. A flyer that is meant for promoting your sales event will need to have a different design than a flyer that simply provides a glimpse of the products you are offering. There might be other complicated intentions behind the printing of your flyers. However, knowing the intention behind the flyers can help you gauge the results in a more accurate manner.

The Distribution Methods
The fact is that no matter the beauty of your flyers, it will only reach a limited number of people. However, the methods that you employ for distributing the flyers can help them reach a wide audience. If the methods you employ are bad, your flyers will never reach a large number of people irrespective of the number of flyers you print. You will need to spend a bit of effort and time in locating the correct methods to distribute your flyers. Malls are most often the place chosen by companies to distribute their companies. This is because these places attract a lot of people on a regular basis. However, that is not the only method that is available for your company. A little bit of research can help you improve the reach of your flyers significantly. This in turn can help you increase the sales that you make.

Keep Advertising
Flyers are not meant for usage only once. You should not stop advertising through flyers after you have done it once. The key to success by advertising with flyers is to keep repeating the exercise again and again. You should not stop advertising or else you will be losing out on customers. There are many businesses that fail to repeat their flyer advertising campaign and reap the consequences by watching the competing company becoming successful.

Thus, flyers are an inexpensive promotional tool which a business can use. These are quite easy to design and can distribute to the potential customers. These can end bringing in the positive results when they can be done very carefully. When you are creating flyers for your business, you can use free templates available online for several types of business. You can choose professional services that will fulfill your flyer printing requirements.



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